Give more opportunities to Filipinos.

Key Opportunities

  • Improving purchasing power of Filipinos
  • Increasing middle class
  • Growing urbanization – worsening traffic in
  • urban areas
  • Increasingly busy lifestyles
  • Consumer desire for convenience

Potential Innovations

  • Improve marketing strategies through knowing our customers, creating brand awareness, and developing new products
  • Adapting to technological advancement for automation, mobility, connectivity, and ability to provide faster, more efficient, and agile business transactions
  • Establishing subsidiary companies that will provide supply chain solutions to industry pain points


  • Foreign Brands – local companies will bring in more food establishments from abroad (e.g., US, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan)
  • Filipino Fusion – evolution of Filipino food to compete with foreign brands
  • Online Platforms – in order to reach the younger demographic and overcome the logistical barrier of traffic and parking (Food Panda, Grab Food). Also, OFWs ordering food for their loved ones.
  • Alternative locations – due to high rental costs and market cannibalization in malls and in Metro Manila.
  • Fast Food Growth – due to convenient locations and affordable prices
  • Customized Food Delivery – for niche cuisine like keto, vegan, pure organic, and halal
  • Wine Market – The Philippines is one of the fastest-growing markets for wine
  • Artisanal Coffee and Gastropubs – outperformed traditional counterparts by 12% in 2018 in terms of revenue per square meter